VeChain gets into the gaming industry

VeChain is one of the most famous platforms made in blockchain technology. Recently, they put their feet in the gaming industry by launching a new platform for gaming. The platform is based on PLA gaming and is named as Plair. They provide many features and most importantly it is a community where gamers can engage with other gamers as well as play tournaments and events.

There are many of the reasons why you should use Plair platform for all the gaming purposes. Below are some of the unique features that you can take a look at:-


Whether you like gaming reward or it is about the real financial rewards, you will get both of these rewards from the VeChain platform. You will earn rewards when you play the game from all over the world by just watching and playing. Creating content will also earn your reward. Moreover, all the rewards are completed automatically and are handled by the smart card. So, you don’t have to worry about the transfer of the reward.

Social interactions

The best part about the Plair platform is that you can interact with other players. Not only the interactions, but you can also become an influencer and let the user stream the content that they have created. In this way, you can create a huge fan following.

Decentralized and Smart contracts

They are using the smart contract and hence you won’t have to worry about any of the frauds again. The smart contracts are secure and all the transactions are done automatically using the same. Therefore, it is a secure platform. Also, it is blockchain powered, and hence it is decentralized making it fully transparent.

Final words

Therefore, with this, you can enjoy playing games with the platform and win rewards. You can buy your favourite Spanish food just by playing and creating content as you will get rewards for doing all of these things. VeChain took a very nice step by implementing the blockchain in the gaming industry. The ultimate gaming ecosystem is gaining much popularity and will grow even more in upcoming days.